Wishing You the Happiest of New Years

Welcome to Twenty Three and Counting.

I’m so glad that you have clicked over to my new blog!

I have been an avid blog starter for many years. Some have lasted for a year or better, some for no more than a few months, and all of them were failed attempts at getting the attention of the internet world. My last blog was a flop, because I had zero idea what direction I wanted to take it in and even less idea what direction I wanted it to take me in.

Twenty Three and Counting is less about the followers, or about getting a post out, or even about having a blog. It is about recording experiences, learning to share my thoughts with the people in my life, being brave, accomplishing goals and enjoying the creative process.

Last year on January 1st, I set out to better myself in a handful of ways. I had a massive list of things that I wanted to learn or accomplish throughout 2013 and I thought having an audience would motivate me. In the end, I just became really good at turning my laptop off early and doing my own thing anyways. I still managed to accomplish a lot of really great things in 2013, and I found ways to clear out things that were making me unhappy or unhealthy. I feel like I am entering 2014 in a better state than I entered 2013 in, and I count that as a major success.

2013 was a year of self-discovery and self-awareness for me. By setting goals at the beginning of the year I was able to gauge where my head was and by failing to accomplish them I was able to discover some of my fears, and some of the true goals I had for myself (that I was afraid to admit I had set for myself). I have reached the end of the year with my head held high, knowing a bit more about myself, how I deal with stress, where some of my limits are, what I’m like when I’m over tired, where my priorities are, and what I truly want to learn and seek this coming year. I quit a good job that I was incredibly unhappy with, walking out of that office on December 13, 2013 and on January 6, 2014 I will be walking into a new job that I am excited for.

I am entering 2014 with an optimistic view of the future, but my eyes are set firmly on the present. My goal for this year is to learn how to be present, to recognize when I am not focusing on what is happening right now and to refocus on the people and events that I am currently experiencing. I want to learn how to put down my tech, and spend time in distraction free reality. I want to get in touch with the feeling of creating something again, the feeling of writing something again, the feeling of laughing with someone wholeheartedly again. My goals this year involve taking chances on things that unsettle me (like sitting with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop by myself, or taking a dance or yoga class, inviting people over without convincing myself they wouldn’t want to come, accepting invitations without first coming up with an exit strategy). They involve investing time in people, rather than money in things. They involve learning how to sleep properly, and eat properly and take care of my body so that it will last me to a ripe old age. My goals this year involve time spent well, with good people and good food and good fun.

Be safe this evening as you ring in the New Year, and good luck in 2014!

I hope you are as excited as I am!

Lots of love,



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