Getting To Know Her

I wanted to do a bit of a getting to know you post, where I basically introduce myself to the blogging world.

I am a recently turned 23 year old lady living in a small Northern town with my parents and our cat, named Ginger and affectionately called “Little Fur”. I will be starting my new position as administrative assistant and media director at a local church on January 6th. I have been working and volunteering at this lovely little church for a few years now, and am incredibly excited to make the move to regular employee.

Although I am known for overworking myself, having once worked three jobs at once while jamming a social life in on the20131231-023922.jpg side, I actually prefer my hobbies; which include reading, writing, crocheting, binge watching episodes of Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory and Friends, drinking entirely too much coffee, having tea-dates with my friends, and grumbling over the ever-growing pile of laundry I seemingly always have to wash.

I have an uncanny fear of games, driving other peoples vehicles, water (this is not so much uncanny, as it is understandable…I can’t swim), getting my vehicle stuck in the snow, and falling asleep in front of other people. Don’t ask, I don’t get the rest of them either.

I have a love of volunteering and charity work, listening to live music, learning new things (on my own terms), funky mugs, log houses, animal print, relaxing with a good friend and a cup of tea, and creating things (although I haven’t done much of this in the past year).

This blog does not have so much of a direction as it does a general purpose. Live intentionally, and hopefully inspire others to so the same. I have tried to lock down a reason for blogging in the past, but to be honest, life has too many great things to focus on only one. I want to share striking moments with you, and I hope you’ll share the same with me.

I would love to learn a bit about you, and hope to be hearing from you soon!


5 thoughts on “Getting To Know Her

    • Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I am also a fan of living intentionally but I have not always been so good at it. Slow and steady I’m trying to change the way I live and to be more present with people, to be more aware of why I’m doing things and what the effect of those things is going to be.

      Hope to see you around the blogging world!

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