We all need an anthem.

Likely, whether we would admit it or not, we all have an anthem.

A song that makes us feel like we’ve been transported into an 80’s movie montage of triumph over our lives.  I have had many of these in my life, always connecting with the lyrics of this song or the overall message of that song. To be honest, I probably have two or three right now that I feel are anthems that relate to different areas of my life. (What can I say, I like music, okay!)

Today, I start a new job.

Well, a “new” job. I have been working for and volunteering with my church for roughly 4 years now and have had my hands into many different departments. One of the ongoing themes is that I unintentionally share some responsibilities with the amazing (and BUSY) administrative assistant, Claudette. Today, as you are reading this, I will being moving through my first day of INTENTIONALLY sharing those responsibilities, meaning of course I will be her shadow trying to learn everything I possibly can from her.

On a day like this, as I start a new position that will undoubtedly require more talent and experience than I believe I have, it is important to have something to ignite your passion, to push you one step farther than you think you can go…something that reminds you that you do, in fact, rock!

Today, my motivation is an Alicia Keys song that makes me feel like I can take on the world every time I listen to it (a bit too loud). Girl on Fire.

Way back in August 2012 she wrote this letter on her website, while she was working on her album “Girl on Fire, explaining what her new she meant by the title and it seems to be the perfect anthem for the beginning of this year in my life.

Listen to the song, and you’ll hear what I mean!

What songs motivate you?
Share them below so I can add some new songs to my motivation playlist and take on 2014 in style!

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Anthem

  1. Great song to get pumped up by. I have an unabashed affinity for Roar by Katy Perry because of its empowering theme. Not my intention to be all “girl power” 🙂

    • Its funny the things we attach to unexpectedly. I also enjoy Roar…its doesn’t quite make me feel the same connection that Girl on Fire does but the message is a good one. Funny, because neither song falls in a genre that I particularly enjoy. 😛

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