“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”
~Arnold H. Glasow

I’ve been thinking a lot about success, lately, and how it is that we make it to this illusive state of successful.
I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that in order to get there we must define for ourselves what success means. Once we have a picture of what success will look like in our individual life, we are then able to work towards it…but it isn’t going to be something that is handed to you. It will take work, determination, learning, sleepless nights, and long hours. It will require you to step up and decide if you are willing to fight for it, to find the passion in your belly for whatever it is you want to achieve, and fan that spark until you’re set afire.

Will you set yourself afire?


2 thoughts on “Afire

  1. Very true that what you put into life is generally what you get out of it. I appreciate the dedication of people who work long and hard, but I also think they shouldn’t necessarily expect to arrive at a place where they can coast and say “Ah, how successful I am.” Putting in long hours now probably means putting in long hours for the rest of your life. It really is a matter of what you’re willing to commit.

    • I can appreciate that and I would expect that to you success (or a word less absolute) would probably look more like continual growth and continual effort turning out continual happiness/security/comfort/forward motion …
      I think if you do find a point where you can say “I’ve arrived” you can make the choice to peak there, or stagnate there or celebrate that triumph and redefine and keep moving forward. If you choose to peak, you will start naturally heading away from “success”. If you stagnate you have to keep working to sustain the current level, so to speak.
      To me, success means forward motion and a sustained passion for learning. That definition has allowed me to accomplish many things and the amount and type of work involved has evolved with that over the years. 🙂

      To you though, that might look very different, and perhaps the word success wi never come into the picture. We all function differently and live surprisingly unique lives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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