Memory Keeping

Over the weekend, I was able to visit with a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a while. She lives, works and studies in a town about 2 hours away…she rarely makes it back this way, and I rarely (if ever) make it out her way, so it was incredibly refreshing to visit with her and hear all the changes that have happened since we last spoke.

One of the most obvious changes that I could see was her attitude. While life was still giving her the same old grind, she has managed to let go of a few hindrances and most importantly, she had changed the way she is looking at the world.

I lost count of the times that she said something like, “The world is just so beautiful!” or “Everything is just going so great right now!

Where months before the words coming out of her mouth would have ached with frustration, negative self-esteem and discouragement, I now heard refreshing words of hope, love and excitement for this beautiful life she has been gifted with. She has changed her focus; now aiming her words and actions towards living intentionally, accepting herself, and making herself proud.

I came away from the visit proud of her and the way she has grown in the past few months, and also feeling refreshed and inspired. I have been trying to make similar changes in my own life lately, and hearing someone else intentionally speaking positive into the world was incredibly motivating.

The one thing that I came away from this visit with, if nothing else, was the impression that we all need to keep a better record of the moments in our lives. The things we find beautiful, the people we see every day, the mundane things we do, the random objects we walk past everyday without notice, the stuff we are passionate about. I came into 2014 knowing that I had not kept a great record of the year. I had not written in my journal much, I snapped very few photos…it was as if I had hibernated the whole year away (which in some cases, does ring true).

I want to have things to look back on in my old age; unsent love letters, candid photos of lovely people, journal entries describing what that period of my life felt like, pictures of trees and mountains and homes that could be incredibly different years from now. I want to leave something for my children and grand children to be fascinated by.

This blog may well be one of those things, but leaving my sweet friend that day I resolved to record my life better. By taking photos of everything, by writing, by making notes in favorite books, leaving messages on the back of photos, saving cards and letters and also, by starting a bit of a video journal. Nothing long winded or VLOG worthy, but little 30 second to 2 minute snippits of my life, my thoughts, and my voice. Perhaps I will share some of these things here, but regardless, they will be something for me to hold onto.

2014 will be a good year, and I resolve to remember it. 🙂


How do you keep track of your memories, and what kinds of things do you like to record??


One thought on “Memory Keeping

  1. You are so wonderful, I’ve just now seen this. Leave your mark K, I want to see all the beautiful things that have happened in your life the next time we meet up!

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