Long Time No Post

It’s been a while since I posted anything, however you may remember me saying I was starting on a new adventure called teaching. Well, I have officially finished teaching my first course and have signed an agreement to teach the next level of Computer Studies.

It has been an amazing, exhausting, at times stressful learning experiences so far and I am looking forward to this next three months of teaching. If I have ever had a better opportunity than this to both learn about myself AND help other people, I can’t recall it to memory any more. This has been a challenging journey for me, once a shy kid barely able to speak in front if her family, I feel I have taken one more step towards a future I could never have dreamed for myself. I still have no clue what that future looks like, but I am certain it will include more confidence, more adventure, more joy, and probably a lot more bumps, bruises and life lessons.

I have also been working myself to the bone at the church, trying to learn my job with limited training and a senior secretary who is away with her husband on medical. I am muddling through but I can barely wait until I can be confident in this space as well.

My saving grace has been a reawakened creativity, and a longing to step away from the tech and do something tangible. I have been reading lots, writing often, art journaling, and trying to reconnect with people I have lost track of the past month or so. My latest project is to start creating my own journaling cards that I can carry with me and fill out during a spare moment in my day…as once I make it home in the evening, I want to eat and sleep more than anything else. While this is the current project, I have many on the horizon.

I hope to post some of them as I move along.

Hope you have a wonderful last day if March!

-a hopeful and sleepy wordnerd, Kristi>


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