So you had a bad day…

Yesterday, was a bad day. I’m talking; started late, running behind, came into a coffeepot with yesterdays no longer liquid coffee burnt into the bottom, exhausted, not prepared for anything, didn’t end until 3am this morning kind of bad day.

It was long, and miserable, and more often then not I felt like locking my usually wide open office door and bawling. Except I couldn’t. For a few reasons; 1) There was work to be done, which required seeing people and 2) the heat was turned up to help dry out Monday’s surprise flood in the basement (yea, its been that kind of week) and I would have baked to death in about 3 seconds.

Of course, because I am sleep deprived and reeling from the last two surprise days of bizarre circumstances, today is bound to be a little more difficult than it should be. So I decided it was time to look for some fancy dancy quotes to place around my office.

I love quotes.

Actually, I love words in general.

And I am definitely one of those people that finds it encouraging to read encouraging post it notes around the office.

Because I am definitely not the only person having a bad day, or trying to recover from one yesterday, I thought I would share them with you. So here is a collection of lovely pick me ups for you to read and enjoy as well.

And I hope you have a good, or perhaps a better, day!


And a funny one, for good measure.


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