Lovely Links

Lovely Links

Here we are again, with a collection of great things from around the internet.

1. I want to start you off with a video from Britians Got Talent, with two remarkable young men standing up to bullying. The reaction from the audience is incredible and so are these two young ones.


2.This video. Made me smile. Awesome.


3. Color Blind or Color Brave? – Mellody Hobson
Another Tex Talk that I feel is incredibly insightful. Mellody has a lot of great points about race, discrimination, inclusion, and how to take a positive out of what’s been seen as an awkward and negative conversation for too long. Perhaps its time we get brave, and try to embrace our differences rather than pretending they’re not there??


4. 4 Lies the Church Taught Me About Sex @ Relevant
This is definitely an interesting article. Some of the points made by Lily have been things I’ve been thinking for a while now. I’m glad to see that some in the church are stepping up and stepping out to say some of these things.


5. Shake the Dust @ Upworthy
A beautiful poem, performed by Anis Mojgani, that I fell in love with when I heard.


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