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How to Choose Peace

We learn the greatest lessons from those we deem as different. Whether those differences lay in our religion, our lifestyle, our sexual orientation, our jobs, our race, or simply in the music we choose to listen to; these people are the one’s we learn the most about ourselves from and the most about the things of God.

Acceptance, love, joy, peace, friendship, humility, compassion…..

The things of Jesus can become very clear when we are asked to share a moment, a space, with another person. And even more so when those people choose to love us despite all of the junk and judgement that we carry around with us.

You are not here to change another person, or to fix another person, or judge another person, or condemn another person.

If those are things that need to happen, that is Jesus’ work.

You are here to love other people.

And there truly is no boundary that is insurmountable to love.

As a follower of Christ, this video spoken from a completely different viewpoint than my own, together with a series I have been reading over at, has affected my heart on the subject. There is no way that Jesus can use you to reach someone, if you can’t find a way to love them without conditions or judgements.


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