Something New This Way Comes…

Writing this feels premature. Like I’m pushing something out from behind the curtain before the last scene has finished reading.

I like to start things at the beginning. The first of the month, the beginning of the week, the beginning of the year. It just seems more linear to me, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m a linear person. I like when things line up, when you can start at step 1 and carry on in order, when you can see a consecutive order to things. I like when things make sense.

But life doesn’t always make sense, and things rarely happen in order, and for someone like me who also happens to live in a pretty constant state of hurricane…I don’t get to see things happen in a straight line very often.

I wanted to start this in January. At the beginning. You know? Something new for a new year.

This morning though, it seems fitting to just rip the band-aid off, commit to something, and get started.

After all, it is a Monday.

I believe in introductions, although I’m not always so good at them. The hurricane in me has a tendency to forget to introduce people, or get caught up in something else and leave the introductions up to someone else. However, this morning, I want to tell you that I have plans for this little corner of the internet. I want to start writing to you, faithfully, again. Every week, starting on a Monday morning each week I want to share with you the wonders of believing in something bigger, the beauty in every day moments, the power of starting a week off strong, and the equal power of pressing on even when you don’t have it in you to start it off strong.

I want to slowly turn this space into what it was always meant to be. A space to share my heart, to share the beauty and the brokenness and the grace and the peace of life, and God, and faith, and humanness. A place to learn how to be okay with yourself, and to celebrate the good things in the world, the gifts and the graces of this life.

Starting right now, a Monday in the middle of the month, and continuing every Monday from here on out, join me to welcome the beginning of the week with an attitude of appreciation, wonder and excitement.



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