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Can I Be Honest With You…?

I had big hopes for this year and my ability to reconnect with the words in my soul. I had pictured myself journalling, and reconnecting with that girl who wakes up at 3 am because the words are knocking on the inside of her skull…begging to be let out. I had planned to get my act together and commit to “just write” at least one post a week, with the ultimate hope of writing “something” everyday.

Because that’s what we “writer’s” do.

We plan to write, we hope to write, we dream of writing. We live and breathe and sleep words. And we also dread writing.

And when things are not in our favor, its so incredibly easy to put it off or forget about it or pretend you don’t really want to do it.

In the past 26 days, I have come up with every excuse in the book.

Too tired, no time, more important things to do, I don’t have internet so I couldn’t post if I wanted too, I just can’t think of anything to write, I don’t know how to write that “perfectly” yet, that’s not blog worthy…excuse, excuse, excuse.

The excuses just kept coming and coming…

…and each excuse pushed out another post or idea or sentence that had been stewing in my out of practice brain.

But here’s the honest truth.

I’ve been too lazy to pick up a pen and write, which made it even harder to pick up my laptop, turn it on, and type something. So I’ve started a 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’ve taken a screenshot of the daily prompts, and turned it into the background of my phone and have chosen to actually hand journal each days prompts. If I have counted write, the challenge should bring me to the last page of my current journal.

These prompts don’t really fit with the overall goal or feel of 23 Years & Counting, but they do fit with the goal to “just write” and so I have decided that each week, I am going to pick my favorite prompt (or entry resulting from that prompt) and post it here on Fridays.

The first 7 prompts are:

  1. 10 Things That Make You REALLY Happy
  2. Something someone told you about yourself that you never forgot?
  3. Top Three Pet-Peeves
  4. Write About Someone Who Inspires You
  5. Five Places You Want to Visit
  6. Five Ways to Win Your Heart
  7. Ten Songs You’re Loving Right Now

Which prompt is your favorite, and which would you be most interested to hear about?


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