Testify Series

A six piece writing journey, originally published in the spring of 2014, exploring my faith journey and how it is I came to know God. This is a series I felt led to write, after realizing that I was not only ill-equipped but also completely unsure of how to share even part of my story. I realized as I wandered through this journey with God and my keyboard that part of why I couldn’t share my story was because I hadn’t come to understand or own the freedom that comes through my relationship with Jesus. While part of this was for the benefit of any reader that God might lead here, it truly was both a learning experience and an eye opener for me.

If you want to read this series, click the link below for Part 1 and then follow the links at the bottom of each post to the next in the series.

Part 1 – Testify

Part 2 – Baptize Me

Part 3 – Lie to Me

Part 4 – The Question of Purity

Part 5 – Simply a Spark

Part 6  – So What Now?


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