If I Could Tell You Anything…

An ongoing series of letters written to the generation coming up behind me entitled. I sat at my keyboard one night, fighting tooth and nail against writer’s block, when the heart for this series hit me head on.

I found my heart aching and my mind racing with all the words I would say, if given the opportunity to speak right into the hearts of the coming generations. Rather than typing furiously, I slowed my heartbeat, picked up my pen and a trusty notebook and scribbled the words; “If I Could Tell You Anything…”

The words that followed were heartfelt, hand written letters to a generation lost in social media, scarred by low self-esteem, and confused by a world that has so many good things to offer and yet only seems to focus on the negative and the idolatrous. Written to a generation that is so overwhelmed by wading through negative, untrue, and altered words, images and ideas that they don’t always see that they are made with a purpose, in the image of a heavenly and heartfelt Creator.

If I Could Tell You Anything…is a series of letters written from my heart, directly to the younger generations, and often…directly to myself as well.


Check out the highlight below; to read all of this series, CLICK HERE.


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